Blogging: Building an Effective Blog for Your Business

by Nicolette Tallmadge

I was recently reading a blog post on Social Media Examiner titled, “Six Ways Blogs Are Changing the Web“. In the article, the author outlines six ways that blogging and the blogging platform WordPress has become a major force in changing how people and business are taking advantage of the web.

In the early days of the Internet, websites were static things that only HTML programmers and web managers were able to build and update.

Then with the advent of the blogging in general and the introduction of WordPress everything changed. Now…

  1. Anyone can publish on the web
  2. Anyone can build and manage a website.
  3. Whole websites can be powered with blogs
  4. Connection and sharing among blogs are expected
  5. Professional looking websites can now be built without a web designer
  6. Websites can now do just about anything…without expensive programming

As of now, a self-hosted WordPress blog is one of the most popular method for running a blog on the web today…more than Blogger…Typepad…or any other method. Why? For a number of reasons including cost, flexibility, and ease of use.

I started my first blog using Blogger in 2004. My second blog I self hosted using WordPress. Between 2004 and now I’ve started more blogs and experimented with a variety of blogging services including Typepad, Moveable Type, and LiveJournal and I’ve found that WordPress is the best way to create an effective blog.

Notice I wrote “the best way to create an effective blog”…not “the best way to create a blog”. So what do I mean by an “effective blog”? An effective blog is one that:

  • brings more traffic to your website
  • brings more repeat traffic to your website
  • brings more customers to your website
  • brings more subscribers to email list
  • effectively “pre-sells” your services and products so that people what buy what you offer
  • encourages people to link to your website and blog and share what you offer

If you don’t have a blog now, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. If you have a blog and you’re not using the right tools to help you attract more readers, more subscribers to your mailing list, or more customers for your business then you’re not using your blog to it’s full potential.

If starting a blog or improving your existing blog is one of the things that you had on your to-do list for 2010, then you still have time to get that accomplished.

Starting on November 30th, I’ll be running an 3 part mini course called WordPress for Blogging that shows you how to install, set up, and customize your very own WordPress blog…even if you have little or no technical or web design experience.

Interested? Click here to get more information.

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